The mission of St. Joseph Religious Education is to build a foundation of faith, in partnership with parents, from which our children will continue to learn about God and the Roman Catholic Church.

 THE FAMILY/PARISH PARTNERSHIP Our program’s components are The Family, The Weekly Home Lessons, The Monthly Dinner and Gathering to Share, The Weekly Gospel, and Weekly Mass attendance with your children. The family is essential in passing down the Catholic faith. Here are some ways to do this:

❖ We show our children our belief in God in good times and in bad.

❖ We model loving behavior to others.

❖ We lead and teach by example and kind words.

❖ We pray together and for others.

❖ We forgive and ask to be forgiven.

❖ We share with those in need.

❖ We celebrate birthdays, weddings, births, deaths, family reunions, holy days and holidays. This is our way of recognizing God’s gracious generosity; realizing the gift of Himself and the gift of each other.

❖ We eat together as a family and share stories of our day.

❖ We regularly attend Mass as a family and celebrate our Sacramental Life. We support our parish with our time, talent and treasure.

❖ Our homes are the Domestic church, we display Holy reminders such as Holy images of Jesus, Mary and the Saints. Catholic books and the Holy Bible are in our homes. Prayer helps as well as Sacramentals like Holy Water, Rosaries and house blessings that may be incorporated into our family lifestyle.  

If you are interested in our Faith Formation Programs or have questions, please call Anita or Lindsay at ext. 6